Blue Ox Timber Frames

Is a custom timber frame home builder that is located in lakes country of central Minnesota. We build timber frames homes all over the United States and in other nations such as Canada. Please browse our website and let us know if you have any questions about the unique timber frames we build.


Midwest Timber Frame Homes

Minnesota – MN

Wisconsin – WI

Iowa – IA

North Dakota – ND

South Dakota – SD

Missouri – MO

Nebraska – NE

Kansas – KS

Colorado – CO


Great Lakes Timber Frame Homes

Illinois – IL

Indiana – IN

Ohio – OH

Michigan – MI

Pennsylvania – PA

New York – NY


North East Timber Frame Homes

Virginia – VA

West Virginia – WV

Maine – ME

Vermont – VT

New Hampshire – NH

Massachusetts – MA

Rhode Island – RI

Connecticut – CT

New Jersey – NJ

Delaware – DE

Maryland – MD


North West Timber Frame Homes

Washington – WA

Oregon – OR

Idaho – ID

Montana – MT

Wyoming – WY


South East Timber Frame Homes

Florida – FL

South Carolina – SC

North Carolina – NC

Georgia – GA

Tennessee – TN


South West Timber Frame Homes

California – CA

Nevada – NV

Arizona – AZ

Utah – UT

New Mexico – NM


The South Timber Frames Homes

Texas – TX

Oklahoma – OK

Louisiana – LA

Alabama – AL

Mississippi – MS

Arkansas – AR